Beoline Trade d.o.o founded in 2001. , with headquarters in st. Banijska 1, Belgrade.

The main activity is the provision of services through self-service vending machines for hot drinks and snack products, installation, service, logistics and also sales of products that use self-service machines. Beoline Trade d.o.o imports and distributes self-service vending Italian firms Bianchi and Necta and small office appliances working with capsules Lavazza.

We are able to offer you cooperation through self-service vending machines and office equipment working with capsules. There are several possible variants of cooperation with self-service vending machines:

  1. Users are paying drinks by inserting money (paper and / or metal and / or credit key).
  2. The company pays a certain amount (subsidized) per user per month (credit key).
  3. Automat operates in free mode (at end of the month inventory of spent drinks will be invoiced).

In applying the first model of the functioning, the users simply insert a paper and / or coins and choose the desired beverage.

In applying the second model of the functioning, each user has a single key (can be recharged unlimited times) to be charged once a month on the amount that you specify and evaluate. The advantage of using credit key is big: Your complete cost control, easy and simple to use, not using a paper and coins. When the credit is spent on the key, the user still can use automaton by inserting a paper and / or coins as desired or to wait until the beginning of next month for a refill.

In applying the third model all hot drinks are free for users. Once a month the inventory of spent drinks will be made (the machine has a digital counter in it) and this amount will be invoiced to company.

We are able to offer our co-operation program:


  • Hot beverages:
    espresso coffee, prolonged espresso coffee, espresso coffee with milk, espresso, cappuccino, mocaccino, cappuccino with chocolate, milk, extra chocolate, chocolate with milk, chocolate, instant tea..
  • A wide range of snack products
    carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, salty and sweet products), in which the prices are identical to prices in grocery stores.


Where your company has a financial obligation for used capsules, and service and maintenance of technical equipment is our concern.

Depending on your needs, number of employees, demands and desires, we invite you to contact us, by our mutual satisfaction, to concretize our offer customized for you (by the way of cooperation, machine type and model, benefits etc). We would be happy to be a part of your system through collaboration and services that our company can provide you with.

If you do not insist that your technical service does preparatory works for the assembly machine (water and electricity), our technical service will be done professionally, with certified materials, without compromising your interior and will be giving suggestions about items themselves, and also accept your suggestions.

Brands which we work successfully with for years and whose products we import and sell are:

  • “Covim Oro Crema” - espresso coffee, Italy
  • "Lavazza" - espresso coffee in capsules, Italy
  • "Ristora" - Instant: milk, cocoa, tea, Italy

Beoline Trade d.o.o constantly follows trends and invests in new technologies to deliver the best possible service to respected customers and associates.

We invite you to directly communicate with us and find out about the advantages and benefits that will enterprise services of Beoline Trade d.o.o bring

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